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Call for Papers & Posters Exhibitors Registration
(Development Status February 2017)

Summit under the Auspieces of the Swiss Confederation



Conference Venue:

Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
Phone + 41 58 206 28 28 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organizers Office:
European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine (CLINAM)
Alemannengasse 12, P.B. 4016 Basel, Switzerland
Phone +41 61 695 93 95 
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Registration Office:
Organizers Schweiz GmbH, CLINAM SUMMIT 10/2017
Obere Egg 2, CH 4312 Magden, Switzerland
Phone +41 61 836 98 78 
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Scientific Committee

• Prof. Dr. med. Patrick Hunziker, University Hospital Basel (CH) (chairman)

• Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Alexiou, University Hospital Erlangen (D)

• Prof. Dr. Lajos Balogh, American Society for Nanomedicine, Boston (USA) North Andover, Massachusetts, (USA)

• Prof .Dr. Gerd Binnig, Nobel Laureate, Munich (D)

• Prof. Dr. Yechezkel Barenholz, Hebrew University, Hadassah MedicalSchool, Jerusalem (IL)

• Prof. Dr. med. Omid Farokhzad, Director, Center for Nanomedicine, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston (USA)

• Prof. Dr. med. Dong Soo Lee, PhD. Chairman, Department of Nuclear Medicine Seoul National University (KOR)

• Dr. med. h.c. Beat Löffler, MA CLINAM-Foundation, Basel(CH)

• Prof. Dr. med. Marisa Papaluca Amati, European Medicines Agency, London(UK)

• Prof. Dr. Gert Storm, Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht University, (NL)

• Prof. Dr. Viola Vogel, Laboratory for Biologically Oriented Materials, ETH, Zürich (CH)

Welcome Welcome to the European Global Summit for Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine. The goal of the CLINAM Foundation is to contribute to the benefit of patients and society by exploring and translating leading edge technologies towards clinical application, with an emphasis on Nanomedicine, Targeted Medicine and Personalization. The summit keeps its tradition to build bridges from the enabling technologies to clinical application for major and neglected diseases. There is broad support for this summit by more than 35 collaborating institutions.


This is the 10th Summit of its kind.The CLINAM Foundation uses the opportunity of this Jubilee to present a programme with a strong focus on the route of nanomedicine from basic and enabling sciences to successful clinical applications in targeted and precision medicine and related fields, to discuss critically common bottlenecks based on the experience of the past decade by our broad international expert community.

Over the past decade, the CLINAM Summit evolved to an exquisite and globally unique event that brings together all stakeholders in Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine. It builds on the principle that fundamental scientists, developers and professionals in clinical application and in all to Nanomedicine related persons can mutually learn from each other to find better solutions for the medicine of the future. Based on recent groundbreaking achievements, the meeting will be a highlight,

• The scientific basis of nanomedicine

• New developments in analytic and diagnostic technologies

• Targeting and personalization

• Improved understanding of the mechanisms of nano interacting with life

• Pitfalls of nano in medicine

• The impact of digital technologies and modeling on nanomedicine

• Experimental and clinical application digital technologies and modeling on nanomedicine

• Nanomedical Immunotherapies

• The pathway to safe nanomedicines, to enable breakthroughs in successful clinical applications

• The entrepreneurial pathways for Nanomedicine

• Plenary sessions will highlight the most recent and provocative developments. In addition

• Four Satellite Meetings: Session 15. Arthritis Nanomedicine Session 16. EU‐NCL European Nanomedicine Characterization Laboratory ‐ Lessons learned Session 22. Global Regulatory Authorities and Related Parties Meeting Session 34. Advancing the Development of New Medicines: Education and Workforce Training Partnerships

CLINAM will welcome again more than 500 participants from the community of Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine and aims at bringing together the pioneers and worldwide opinion leaders, not only to learn and discuss but also to develop new ideas, create new collaborative projects and shape the future. Last year’s participating experts from 39 countries appreciated CLINAM Foundation’s role as the service provider for Nanomedicine and we will do everything necessary to surpass the expectation of the participants and to build a fruitful event that contributes to the important tasks in human healthcare that still await solutions.

Target Group
The faculty includes the pioneers and opinion leaders in the fields of medicine, nanoscience and targeted medicine, who share experience in an interdisciplinary and interactive manner that widens mutual understanding for both sides The Summit and the exhibition are aimed at physicians, as well as nonscientists with a background in pharmacology, biology, physics, chemistry, biophysics, medicine materials science and engineering. The meeting is a particularly useful source of knowledge for the targeted medicine and delivery community. The Conference is also of interest for members of the regulatory authorities as well as policymakers, experts from industry in the field of life sciences, developers of new tools and materials for Nanomedicine, and all those investigating the potential of emerging technologies in the field of healthcare. Experts from venture companies can acquire knowledge on existing and upcoming developments and novel products in the emerging field of Nanomedicine and Knowledge Based Medicine. Government authorities can profit from of the regulator’s international sessions. CLINAM is the worldwide melting pot for experts and a high‐level communication platform where you meet those striving for equal goals.

Appreciation by the CLINAM Foundation
The Nonprofit CLINAM Foundation is grateful to be able to realize this annual Summit due to their sponsors that give the opportunity to gather so many excellent international experts to advance the field of Nanomedicine.

The 10th CLINAM‐Summit is under the Auspices of the Swiss Confederation. It is our goal to broaden the frontiers of knowledge of Nanomedicine in Diagnosis, Therapy and Treatment and make innovation happen by novel drugs and devices and new ways of development and cooperation. We are happy, doing this in Switzerland in the heart of Europe.

We look forward, to welcome all Stakeholders in Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine in Basel to meet together, debate together, to investigate together, to learn from each other and to come to novel findings and in congruence advance the discipline to the benefit of the patient and humankind.


 The Foundation

The European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine is a non-profit institution aiming at advancing medicine to the benefit of individuals and society through the application of nanoscience. Aiming at prevention, diagnosis, and therapy through nanomedicine as well as at exploration of its implications, the Foundation reaches its goals through support of clinically focussed research and of interaction and information flow between clinicians, researchers, the public, and other stakeholders. The recognition of the large future impact of nanoscience on medicine and the observed rapid advance of medical applications of nanoscience have been the main reasons for the creation of the Foundation.

Nanotechnology for Medicine

Nanotechnology is generally considered as the key technology of the 21st century. It is an interdisciplinary scientific field focusing on methods, materials, and tools on the nanometer scale, i.e. one millionth of a millimeter. The application of this science to medicine seeks to benefit patients by providing prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment for prevalent, for disabling, and for currently incurable medical conditions.