Submission of Abstracts

1. Submission of Abstracts

A. Deadline of Submissions

Submission of Abstracts for Oral presentations and Posters must be sent as early as possible as but no later than until March 10, 2017. Incoming abstracts will besides quality also be validated on a “first come” basis since the number of applications is huge. Of course, the highest quality is decisive!

B. Topics for Abstracts

The CLINAM-Summit has usually more than 140 presentations. Many young, skilled researchers, starting entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists apply for posters and oral presentations. CLINAM invites all professionals active in the field of Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Industry, Venture, related Scientific Fields, scientists from academia and industry, political decision makers and regulatory authorities to submit abstracts for papers and posters in the following fields:

Clinical Topics:

Nanomedicine and targeted medicine for cardiovascular disease, rheumatic disease, oncology, gastro-intestinal/hepatic disease, bacterial infection, viral infection, parasitic infection, implantology, inflammation, hematology, diabetes, neurology, neurosurgery, orphan diseases, eye and ear disease, tuberculosis, HIV, Ebola, tissue repair, orthopedics, …etc.

Technology Topics:

Nanosystems, nanoparticles, nanoanalytics and diagnostics, toxicology, nano-imaging, targeted drug delivery, using nanoparticles, GMP and quality assurance, propositions for solving a medical problem in a novel way by the use of nanotechnology, novel concepts and ideas if they can be supported by thorough reasoning and could lead to novel research and solutions. Materials for use in nanotechnology and targeted medicine, concepts, diagnosis and therapy in the field of personalized medicine: clinical diagnosis and management on the individual patient's clinical signs and symptoms, medical and family history, and data from laboratory and imaging evaluation to diagnose and treat illnesses, genetic testing leading to more personalized treatments. In addition, relevant novel tools for translational research and diagnostics are of high interest, etc.

Implications Topics:

Implications of Nanomedicine for society, developing countries, environment, risks and benefits, public health finance, health economics, and other subjects, etc.

Strategy, Government and Political Topics:

Strategy building and policy processes in nanomedicine. Strategic approaches towards establishing a unified funding area for nanotechnologies for medical research. Policy processes to foster leadership in Nanomedicine, regulatory authority topics as well as financial and marketing matters.

Industry Topics:

Industry projects and solutions in nanomedicine and targeted medicine, tools related to Nanomedicine and targeted medicine. Industry models for the Future large-scale production, Good Manufacturing Practice, etc.

Exhibitors Topics:

Integrated interventions of exhibitors that are of scientific or technical high relevance and do not have the solely the purpose of promoting the trademark.

C. Canon

All abstracts must cover original research aimed at future or current applications of nanoscience and targeted medicine including clinical trial designs, reports of ongoing and completed clinical trials, preclinical work, and technology papers with clinical long-term vision. All fields leading to the development of personalized medicine (precision-medicine) are also issues of great interest.

D. Submission procedure (Sending Paper Abstract / Poster Abstract)

All correspondence regarding Submission has to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E. Paper- or Poster-Abstract

Send us your paper- or poster-abstract, (Microsoft Word, RTF, or Open document file format, using Times New Roman, font size 11, single spacing NO PDF. The submission must not be longer than three pages, including metadata and figures (one figure is obligatory). All illustrations, figures, and tables must be placed within the text at the appropriate points. Index your file as follows: Last name First name.abstract17.docx (or RTF etc.)

F. Biography

Please add in your mail as separate documentwith your NARRATIVE CV, max one page. No more than 5 titles of recent publications can be included Last name. First name.CV17.docx (or RTF etc.)

G. Portrait Photo

Send us a head picturein gif or jpg, minimum 300 dpi. DO NOT COPY PASTE THE PICTURE. Index your file as follows: Last name.First.Name­.Picture17.jpg (or Gif)

H. Decision for Acceptance

Decision for Acceptance or Declinationof Oral Presentations will be given by March 30; 2017.You will then receive Decision-Letter that has to be answered within 5 days. Then, you have to registeraccording to your category within one week. (The price corresponds also after March 10 to the Early-bird rates for Submitters). If you submitted your paper for oral presentation and it was not accepted, you are eligible for a Poster. In this case, after receiving the Decision letter you have to accept or to refrain this option by an email.

I. Presentation Times, Size of Posters, Installation of Posters 

Posters will be located in the Foyer visible for all conference attendees. The meeting breaks and lunches will be the preferred time to study the posters. During lunch and breaks, the authors are asked to be present close to their poster.  Posters are to be presented in the size of 1.40 meter high and 1.00 meter wide. There will be the CLINAM-Poster Prize. Poster installation is on May 8 as from 06.30 until 8.00 h latest and the posters can be removed on May 10, after 4.45 pm and latest until 18.15 pm.

J. University Village 2017 and Small Speeches

The University Village is an exquisite forum for universities and research institutes, giving them opportunity to present themselves as well as novel approaches, new research projects and initial outcomes of research, and patents. Researchers and engineers can use the foyer to install exhibition stands booths as one-stop-shops for the large spectrum of conference participants. Poster presenters and University Village members are eligible for presentations in a special session of Small Speeches, 3 minutes in length and serving to highlight the research activities in Nanotechnology and Targeted Medicine. They must comprise three slides, • Slide 1: general introduction to the topic • Slide 2: some of the highlights of submitters’ work and institutions’ work • Slide 3: the proof as to how the work fits into the area of Nanomedicine including a glimpse into the future. Application for Small Talk Sessions is possible any time after acceptance of your poster in writing. For Contacts regarding Small Speeches please contact Dr. Sc. Nat. Ruth Schmid, SINTEFThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , CLINAM-University Village and Small Speech-Director.

2. Format of Summit 2017; Criteria for Posters

Track 1: Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine – Basic Research

Disease Mechanisms and Personalized MedicineRegenerative MedicineNovel Therapeutic and Diagnostic ApproachesActive and Passive TargetingTargeted Delivery • Nano-Toxicology

Track 2: Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine – Translation

Unsolved Medical Problems Precision Medicine and Theranostic ApproachesRegenerative Medicine
Late Breaking and Ongoing Clinical TrialsApplied Nanomedical Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Track 3: Enabling Technologies

• Nanomaterial Analytics and Testing • Molecular Profiling for Research and Efficacy/Toxicology Testing (Genomics, Proteomics, Glycomics, Lipidomics, Metabolomics) • Functional Testing Assays and Platforms
• Single Cell Analyses • Cell Tracking • Stem Cell Biology and Engineering Technologies • Microfluidics • Tissue Engineering – Tissues-on-a-Chip – Bio-printing • In vivo Testing • Novel Imaging Approaches • Medical Devices

Track 4: Regulatory and Societal Affairs, Networking and Financing

• Regulatory Issues in Nanomedicine • Strategy and Policy • The Patient’s Perspective • Ethical Issues in Nanomedicine • University Village Presentations • Cutting-Edge EU-Project Presentations • Networking for International Consortium Formation • Venture Funding, Fund Investment and Business-Angel-Investment