The services of the European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine

The CLINAM-network overcomes the gaps between clinicians, researchers, technicians, and all those profiting from nanomedical treatment and furthers the interdisciplinary debate. With this in mind this it has elaborated a portfolio of services:

Running the European Society for Nanomedicine (ESNAM)

The European Society for Nanomedicine (ESNAM), is an academic professional society for physicians, researchers, and other professionals working in the clinical field of Nanomedicine. It is also open to those providing clinical tools orproducing compounds for clinical use. The European Society for Nanomedicine is funded by annual member-fees and by grants from the Foundation. The society is administrated by the Foundation.

Realisation of the annual European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine

The European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine is held annually. Numerous experts in the field of clinical Nanomedicine determine the annual state of the art and the development in key fields of medicine. Additionally, the conference provides multiple venues for technical developers and industrial producers to meet and interact with the clinicians.

Publishing of the European Journal for Clinical Nanomedicine

Periodically, the foundation publishes the European Journal for Clinical Nanomedicine. At the same time this scientific journal is the official voice of the European Society for Nanomedicine.

The Research-Sponsoring Programme

The European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine seeks to recruit far-sighted sponsors and patrons to enable the Foundation to support financiallypromising research-projects. The sponsors have, of course, also the possibility to choose a specific project for exclusive support. Upon request the foundation sends out the regularly updated project-list which contains projects allocated in the following fields:

  • Nanotechnology-based therapy of dangerous, vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries to the brain and the heart
  • Bedside Monitoring using Nanosensors
  • Treating Cancer by Nanomedical Drug Targeting
  • Nanoscience for preclinical detection of atherosclerosis for preclinical detection of dangerous plaques in the arteries to the brain and the heart using Fluorescence, Magnetic Resonance, and CT imaging
  • Ethical-philosophical-societal implications of "nano" and the converging sciences
  • Fast diagnosis in shock by Micro-/Nanofluidics
  • Nanotech for the third world: Rapid Micro-/Nanofluidics testing for tropical diseases / Collaboration with a third-world healthcare institution

The Nanomedicine-Ethics-Programme

The progress on the field of biomedical research opens entirely new perspectives for the treatment of diseases, but also raises the question of the responsible use of these new technologies and knowledge. The Foundation will periodically invite research experts in nanomedicine to discuss most relevant ideas with philosophers, sociologists, and ethics-experts. Additionally, the safety and compatibility of new medical practices and therapies as well as the high transparency of nanomedicine towards the patient are discussed in public debates.

The Further Education Programme

In its study on Nanomedicine the European Science Foundation writes that next to the interdisciplinary cooperation there is a strong need to broaden the opportunities for further education. The Foundation coordinates its efforts with all those already working in this field and promotes already existing further education facilities, such as summer schools and dedicated conferences towards the clinicians in Nanomedicine. It also offers the active co-operation in further education programmes.

The External Patenting Relation

The CLINAM-Foundation offers to its researchers and clinicians to make use of external experts for the support of the achievement of clinical patents and the support for the start-up of small enterprises. The focus here lies especially on the trinational Basel area.

Conception and Start-up of a European Nanomedical Research Lab

The CLINAM-Foundation will convene a group of researchers from within Europe, as well as internationally, in order to implement the European Research Lab Space for Clinical Nanomedicine in Basel. This unique Lab in Europe is designed to become a worldwide world class location for physicians and researchers applying nanomedicine.