ESNAM: The Aims on Clinical/Applied Nanomedicine

The European Society of Nanomedicine aims to promote the research and the application of nanomedicine and its implication for humanity and for the environment, keeping always in view the welfare of individuals and society. ESNAM concentrates its efforts in facilitating the exchange between its members. It also represents the clinical nanomedical community to governmental and international boards as well as to associations and industry oriented networks.


ISNAMED: The International Society for Nanomedicine

CLINAM was one of the driving forces and pacemakers for the formation of the International Society for Nanomedicine, (ISNM) which brings together Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Europe, South America, India and Australia in a cooperation. For 2016, the First ISNM Summer School is planned to be in Korea. Prof. Hunziker is President of the ISNM. (Site under Construction)